EvoSpec offers a full list of Engine Development services for Porsche and other sports car and racing engines. From simple assembly to full ground up builds, we will have the ability to correctly preform the machining and process needed for your project engine. Listed are some of the many services available…

  • Full engine Blueprint and concept from paper to dyno
  • Proprietary engine assembly
  • Full 5axis CnC machining including head porting and engine block machining
  • Full rotating assembly dynamic balancing
  • Honing, boring, and cylinder work
  • Full cylinder head service from concept to machine
  • Porsche case work including main bore machining, pinning, boat tail, and case service
  • Engine dyno testing and tuning using Superflow engine dyno
    And MUCH more…

EvoSepc has the capabilities and knowledge to accomplish any possible engine development needs for you!