Porsche Engine Rebuild

What to expect with The Engine Rebuild Process  

A Porsche Engine Rebuild starts with a  detailed process proven over the years to produce the best results. This process begins with our initial diagnostic appraisal and fault finding. 

We then establish a report that we get over to you even before we start taking your engine apart. We will develop a complete story of your engine including taking photos from start to finish to help you see and understand the complete process.  We not only want you to what we’re doing but also why we’re doing it.

We will then decide the best plan of action for your circumstances based on our findings and the report we’ll both look at. This could include a Engine Strip whether it’s Full or Top End Strip and anything in between.

Once we start the work with your blessing we’ll continue to keep you abreast with the progress we’re making on your engine and any situation that comes up that requires an update to you.  If final budget based on the faults we have found in the beginning changes then we’ll contact you to discuss where we are and what changed since our initial finding. We are in this together so your input is very important.

Understanding the love you have for your Porsche and wanting your engine to run in tip top condition is why we aim to make sure you are happy when it’s all said and done.

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